About U3A Shoalhaven

U3A Shoalhaven, is based in Nowra, NSW.

Most of U3A Shoalhaven activities/classes are held in our premises at 48 Berry Street Nowra – directly opposite the Roxy Theatre.

A small fee is charged for each activity/class which is payable upon enrolment. Details of activities/classes, including their fees, are available from the U3A Activities menu, above.

We do not have general meetings apart from the Annual General Meeting which is usually held in November.

U3A Shoalhaven is managed and administered by a committee of volunteers elected at the AGM.

Our 2023 Management Committee Members

Acting President:                                                                                                Glennis Brooking

Acting Vice-President & Sub-Committees Coordinator:            Steve Alford

Acting Treasurer:                                                                                                Glennis Brooking

Secretary & Public Officer:                                                                           Libby Semple

Course Coordinator:                                                                                        Eric Courtney

Asst Course Coordinator & Policy & Procedures:                         Jane Macintosh

Publicity Officer:                                                                                                Glennis Brooking

Acting  IT / Web Manager:                                                                           Jacinda Tunks

Membership:                                                                                                        Sue Otter

Marketing:                                                                                                             Bob Death

Strategic Planning & Policy & Procedures:                                        Herman Beyersdorf

Sub-Committee Members 2023

Linda Anderson                   Allan Sherringham               Helen Thomas


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