Zoom Info

This page provides information on where to download Zoom from and some links to information on downloading and using Zoom.

Zoom download website link is zoom.us/download

When you connect to this link, it will offer you a whole suite of download options – see below. If you are using a PC (windows or Mac) then click on the first option, or if you are downloading to an iPad/iPhone or an Android mobile, then you have to select an option from further down the list – as shown below.

Follow the on-line instructions once you hit the “download” button to install Zoom. A small icon should appear in your task bar or desktop – it looks like a video camera on a blue background. If you click on the icon, the Zoom screen should appear with the options of “Join a Meeting” or “Sign in”.

If you only want to participate in U3A Zoom sessions, then you need to take no further action. Zoom is now installed on your device and when it comes to joining a Zoom session, we will send you a link by email usually the evening before the session. You simply click on that link and follow the instructions – usually you are simply asked if you want to start Zoom.

If you want to use Zoom to create your own meetings with family or friends, its free but you have to enter some details (email etc) and create a password.

If you wish to get more information about Zoom, then use Google and search for “how to set up zoom”.

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